When working on a screenplay, I focus very much on structure and dramaturgy.

This is the key for a good movie.


On the filmshool in munich I got an education in all aspects of filmmaking: directing, writing, camerawork, and editting.

This approach to all important aspects of filmmaking is important for a good result.


I shot my first movies on 16mm and 35mm film.

When working digital, I use the flexible technology in a most filmic way.

The camerawork must never stay for itself, but support the story in the most unvisable way.


2008 I founded my own filmcompany.

That allows me to work independent and flexible.


Study on the "Higher school for film and tv in munich dept. motion picture.

Several documentarys as director and DOP for or in cooperation with ORF, 3Sat, BR, NDR, SFB, WDR, ARTE. Several Film awards as: Prädicat Highly recommended, Nominated for German Filmpreis. and positiv reviews in festivals like: San Francisco, Tel Aviv, Nice, Zagreb ...

Simon Wieland