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Two Lives

The documentary "Mauthausen - Two Lives" chronicles the dramatic story of two men in Mauthausen during the Nazi regime - one within Mauthausen concentration camp, the other outside, in the village of Mauthausen. One of them a victim, the other among the perpetrators.

Two destinies that unfold parallel in one time and place, but could not be more contrary - and yet have so many oppressive and disturbing things in common.

A film on human and inhuman behaviour in the face of atrocity. A story of survival on the inside and the outside and on the perpetual confrontation of the two protagonists with Mauthausen, synonym for National Socialism, the Holocaust, guilt and inhumanity.

Like Auschwitz, Mauthausen is a synonym for the Holocaust, for the crimes of National Socialism, for the Second World War, for guilt and shame.
A monstrous structure, Mauthausen towers as a memorial in the landscape, pointing to the past - an open wound to the whole country.
For the people in Austria, this manifests itself only in the occasional engagement with history; but for those living in Mauthausen, its an inevitable and permanent confrontation with the country's darkest chapter.
The Austrians may live conscious of the Holocaust; the people of Mauthausen have it daily before their eyes, willingly or not.
The survivors of Mauthausen concentration camp, on the other hand, carry their painful story inside of them to this day, and keep returning to the scene of the crime.
I wanted to understand whait it means to live day by day with mauthausen, as a former prisoner of the concentration camp or as resident of the village mauthausen.
What happened then still resonates today. You can see it in the protagonists faces; it is mirrored in the landscape, the camp, the village. The film attempts to trace this topographical spirit in monochrome images.
Simon Wieland 2020

What a great movie!

A touching, direct, honest and open look at the generational theme of the postwar generations that survived the Shoah.
And at the same time, the insight into the complex nature of Israeli society, which has also concerned itself with the issue of survival since its formation...and its desire to provide nothing more than a "normal" future for its children and children's children.

Mag. Arch. Natalie Neubauer-Muzicant, MSC


The film is extremely touching and impressive. Your "main actress - Fritzi / Mira" is remarkable because of her beautiful German language.

What I particularly liked was that no clichés were used in the film, so it felt much more authentic, as if one would see the eternally repeated pictures.

Prof. Angelica Bäumer


The movie is great! My mother and I talked about it the whole way home and compared it with our situation.

I was most impressed by the part about the son's permanent fear (of annihilation) and that there are so different perspectives and "realities" concerning this same subject in his family.


The topic and the family portrayed (in this film) has led us to a reflective, intensive conversation at home.

It is courageous, it is high time a film like this devotes itself to the theme from the perspective of successive generations of a Jewish family (that survived the Shoah).


Two Lives

Director and photography:
Simon Wieland

Simon Wieland und Andreas Kuba

Andreas Kuba, Brygida Rekowska, Regina Patsch, Simon Wieland

Alexandra Schneider und Markus Wogrolly

Peter Kaizer

Georg Mittermayer

Marleen Paeschke und Simon Wieland

Feature Documentary 70 min Österreich 2020

In cooperation with ORF(Film/Fernsehabkommen), dem Österreichischen Filminstitut und Land Oberösterreich.

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