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One family. Three generations. Nine wars.

The film documentary “Our struggle” explores the microcosm of an extended family from Vienna and Cracow, documenting the life and survival of three generations living in Israel, the most hated country in the world.

The film shows the fate of the eight family members in the face of nine wars, a permanent state of emergency, and ever new threats.

As victims and as aggressors

Documentary 90 min

A family saga as a mirror of the israely society

Hardly anyone knows anything about the history and living environments of the generation of people ­– and their descendants – who only became Israelis because they were driven out of their native countries.

The viewer “lives with” the family members and in this way gets a glimpse of a country and its people from a perspective that would otherwise remain buried and incomprehensible. Thus the film “Our Struggle” offers new insight into Israel’s society: Through the eyes of three generations of a family, Israeli history, its wars, conflicts, fears and hopes are given a face, brought to life, made concrete and tangible.

The viewer also becomes aware of how strongly the Holocaust continues to influence our “host” family in particular and Israeli society in general, both consciously and subconsciously.

In this way, the film seeks to peel away the outer layers of life in Israel until it finally reveals the hidden roots and conflicts of society.

Through its depiction of the microcosm of one family’s history, the film offers a unique glimpse into the past, present, and future of the State of Israel, a continuum that is closely intertwined with our own past and at the same time reflects the current areas of conflict between the societies, cultures, and religions of the West and the East.


What a great movie!

A touching, direct, honest and open look at the generational theme of the postwar generations that survived the Shoah.
And at the same time, the insight into the complex nature of Israeli society, which has also concerned itself with the issue of survival since its formation...and its desire to provide nothing more than a "normal" future for its children and children's children.

Mag. Arch. Natalie Neubauer-Muzicant, MSC


The film is extremely touching and impressive. Your "main actress - Fritzi / Mira" is remarkable because of her beautiful German language.

What I particularly liked was that no clichés were used in the film, so it felt much more authentic, as if one would see the eternally repeated pictures.

Prof. Angelica Bäumer


The movie is great! My mother and I talked about it the whole way home and compared it with our situation.

I was most impressed by the part about the son's permanent fear (of annihilation) and that there are so different perspectives and "realities" concerning this same subject in his family.


The topic and the family portrayed (in this film) has led us to a reflective, intensive conversation at home.

It is courageous, it is high time a film like this devotes itself to the theme from the perspective of successive generations of a Jewish family (that survived the Shoah).


One family. Three generations. Nine wars.

Director and photography:
Simon Wieland

Simon Wieland und Andreas Kuba

Andreas Kuba und Simon Wieland

Alexandra Schneider und Markus Wogrolly


Georg Mittermayer

Michael Holzinger

Feature Documentary 90 min Full HD Video

In cooperation with ORF(Film/Fernsehabkommen) und dem Österreichischen Filminstitut.

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